Print Marketing

Display Advertising

SME is a “must read” for all mortgage company executives who are involved with the multibillion-dollar secondary market. Through pass-along readership, SME reaches more than 60,000 of these mortgage company professionals monthly. With a display advertising campaign, companies seeking to reach this key group of mortgage professionals will build brand recognition and awareness for their programs, products and services. See rate card for details.


Readers continue to use our special supplements as a tutorial in their mortgage production operations. With our special supplements, SME addresses key concerns and issues in the industry. Mortgage banking experts provide insight and observations through exclusive articles.

Resource Directory

SMEs Resource Directory allows advertisers an opportunity to reach readers in a quick reference format. The Directory is further enhanced by an online listing with links to the advertiser’s Web site. The Directory is available in 12-month and 24-month packages. See rate card for details.

Online Advertising

Banner Advertising combines the content of three leading mortgage banking publications – Servicing Management, Commercial Mortgage Insight and Secondary Marketing Executive – to create a unique online source offering the most comprehensive news, opinions, resources and data related to the industry. Promotional marketing for is featured monthly in the print publications, directing industry professionals to the information and resources found at this site.

Bonus: Banner advertisers also receive inclusion in's Latest News Headlines on a rotating basis. Over 15,000 mortgage professionals have opted in to receive this twice-weekly e-mail.


SMEs E-Feature delivers beneficial industry information to the desktops of SMEs audience of mortgage professionals.
– These full-length feature articles provide our readership with a thorough and balanced report on the month's topic.
– The E-Feature also provides readers with a direct link to industry products and services - increasing advertisers' reach, exposure and accessibility to this audience of key mortgage professionals.
– Each E-Feature and its advertisers are archived on, allowing readers continued access to the stories and our advertisers' hyperlinks.

Click here to view E-Feature banner advertising specifications.


The E-Focus provides industry marketers with the opportunity to be the sole sponsor of an E-Marketing program, which is e-mailed to SMEs subscriber base. The content is created by the marketer in partnership with SMEs editor.
– Banner ads will appear within the body of the E-Focus in a position designated by the sponsor.
– An “SME E-Focus in partnership with ABC Company” will appear in the top banner – with a link to the sponsor’s site.
– The author’s bio will appear in the feature, along with his or her e-mail address and contact information.
– The e-mail addresses of all click-throughs will be provided to the sponsor for follow-up.
– An archived version of the E-Focus will be placed on SMEs Web site with the banner ads and the company’s logo and link in place.

Live Web Events

Multi-Sponsored Webinars

SMEs webinars allow mortgage marketers co-sponsorship opportunities targeting specific segments of our readership (e.g., default managers, foreclosure departments, asset managers, etc.). The topics featured are timely, “hot-button” issues within the industry. Co-sponsors receive substantial marketing exposure in all print magazine, Web-based, direct-mail and e-mail marketing pieces promoting the webinar. Sponsors will also receive a list of all registered attendees with contact information for follow-up and prospecting.

Solutions Spotlight

The Solutions Spotlight is a live, interactive Web cast that examines a key issue challenging today’s servicers. The audience attends the live Web cast to gain insight, advice and a solution to the issue at hand. The attendee also looks forward to the opportunity to engage the panelists by fielding questions via a chat format. We strongly recommend that, in addition to the sponsor’s own expert, the panel include a customer of the sponsor and a respected industry leader.

The Solutions Spotlight format presents a single tool that will bring genuine time efficiencies and cost-effectiveness to the attendee’s daily operations. Because of this, only qualified leads will show up for this “pitch.” The value of these prequalified leads is immeasurable.

Co-Branding with SME

Bonus Distribution Sponsorships

Issue distribution, booth distribution room drops and show bag distribution sponsorship opportunities are available at key industry conferences. With these sponsorships, conference attendees receive a complimentary copy of SME with their morning paper, in their show bag or at SME's exhibit booth. The issue will feature “Compliments of…” prominently on the cover.

Feature Story E-Print

We have been told time and time again that our editorial content is timely and “right on.” With our Co-Branding E-Print (or Reprint), mortgage marketers can design a direct-mail initiative that will position them within the body of an SME feature story. Your prospect will perceive the gesture as information-sharing on your part – placing the marketer in a favorable position with your target audience.